Having spent a significant portion of my life behind a microphone, this experience led me to launch the Music Travel Guide Podcast in 2019, shortly after moving to Berlin. But above all, my primary motivation was to highlight the talented musicians, founders, and producers residing in town. Additionally, I wanted to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the city beyond its techno scene by offering curated travel guides and engaging interviews to get involved in the music scene city. Fast forward to today, the Music Travel Guide Podcast takes you through the vibrant world of black music and the dynamic music industry. Each episode features exclusive interviews with artists, musicians, and founders from around the globe, offering a rich tapestry of stories and insights. Music Travel Guide is dedicated to exploring the deep roots and modern developments of black music and delving into the creative processes behind the music and the challenges of the music industry. Let this Podcast inspire your musical journey and deepen your appreciation for the power of black music.

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