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Hi music lover!

We live in such a diverse world. And we need diversity.

Diversity brings in new ideas and acts as a pathway to enhance learning.

Having a variety of perspectives and ideas brings new ways of thinking and helps us learn and grow.

When music creators come together to solve problems as a group, they bring different information, opinions, and viewpoints.

This diversity can lead to exciting discoveries and connections that we may have never considered before.

To my experience, its that exposure that keeps your creativity flowing and sparks fresh inspiration.

With this in mind, I built Music Travel Guide Club. Inside the Club, we’re a passionate group of music professionals who come together to discuss our latest ideas and inspire one another.

Not only does the Club provide support and encouragement for moving forward, but it also offers the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.

If you’re a dedicated music professional, the Club is tailor-made for you.


What's inside the Club?

Members Forum + Chat

Access to our Community Forum and our real-time chat app. Engage in discussions to explore the world of music, receive valuable feedback, and form partnerships to support you in your professional path.

Monthly Community Event

Every month, we gather to have in-depth discussions with our Community Members and music experts, to gain knowledge and find inspiration.

Monthly themes

Each month, we shake things up by offering educational materials, interactive tasks, and exciting challenges based on a particular theme. We open ourselves up to fresh concepts and perspectives.

Exclusive Video Content

Gain access to our exclusive collection of top-notch content, featuring recordings of our Talk Series sessions. Delve into our handpicked, personalized playlists and informative resources, all meticulously designed to elevate your music skills.


Online Talk Series

Online Music talks with experts, producers, and established musicians every two months. You can join Live with discussion & questions or watch the recording the day after.

In-person Talk Series recording session

Inside the club, you'll find the recording of the in-person Talk Series running in Berlin once a month, lasting between 30 to 60 mins. each

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Forum Members + Chat

A dedicated space where we come together to encourage, ignite creativity, and stay updated on the latest happenings in your musical realm. Here, we engage in lively discussions, uncover new music insights, and foster collaborations.

What people say about it

When I started to participate with the Music Travel Guide community, one of the things that surprised me the most was Maikol's incredible work in circulating different musical experiences. I found a community of music lovers (and musicians like me) with which to share the music that interests me and discover new soundscapes. In a word, it is a mind-enlarging experience.Anyone thinking of joining this community, know that you are in for a mountain of new music, talk and exchange that will enrich you own artistic experience.


Ezequiel Bados
Argentinian Musician and Composer


Meet the host

Hey there!

I'm Maikol, a content & communication strategist, event host, and music content writer based in Berlin.

I've been immersed in the music industry since 2006, hosting club nights and festivals and collaborating with renowned DJs from the Italian clubbing scene.

In 2019, I decided to create Music Travel Guide after relocating to Berlin. Initially, my goal was to share the incredible spots I was uncovering in the city through talented local artists.

Over time, I realized the importance of creating something I had always dreamed of: a place where people like you could come together, share their love for music, find inspiration and begin self-discovery.

I’m thrilled to share what I’m constantly learning inside the club. I am here never to stop opening up people’s lives.

With love and appreciation,


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  • ✨Hand-picked private playlists
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