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The vision is to create a space for music enthusiasts around the world where they can share their love and passion for the music inspired and created by black people.


The mission is to educate the world, discover stories and celebrate the role of African American Music in affecting people's lives.


Hey Music Lover, I'm Maikol!

So glad to have you here.

First of all, let’s start from here—Disco, Funk, & Jazz. Well, everything that is my passion for music boils down to these genres. My involvement in music has largely been inspired by my mom, good friends, and my home town.

I grew up listening to the sound of Hector Lavoe, thanks to my mother, who had the patience to inject me with her love for Latin music. When I was a teen, I loved buying CDs in specialized stores, and one of them shaped my musical taste: a compilation of disco, funk and soul.

So initially leaned in that direction, discovering more about the history and its influence. I got deep into it with the help of my best mate, who took me to record shops. And from across the pond, anything and everything, house music, hip-hop, disco electro-funk & rock.

The magical weekends at the Moxa Club, my +ten years of experience in the Italian Club scene, and my massive passion for black music did the rest. Why I'm telling you this? Because I believe that Afro-American Music is supposed to affect your life positively. I have made it my mission to help you discover its contribution to the world.

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